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Dayak's Oral Tradittional Stories

Tangui Buloh Dayakng Manyonakng married gave birth to five children. The first child was named Lantankng Sabakng, named Taji Kumakng second child, third child named Tarobakng Tingang, the fourth child and named Flower Nyamakng fifth child named Salabatn interests Ramatn Gonap Tunok Jalayan Sangkap Chest.
At the time of the age of the youngest son Salabatn about three years old, the mother pregnant with a sixth. Mother crave weird things. He wanted to eat meat King Tiger, Bear King, and the King of the Blind. Dikisahlan by eating strange things that it gives birth to a strange child. The child was born having scaly skin and hairy like animal fur. Therefore, the youngest son was named Sabunzu Sarokng Antu.
Sabunzu have magic powers. When she was only a few days he has been able to cut down palm trees and coconut trees leaning into their homes. He was also able to walk and talk straight like a human adult.
One day Sabunzu go into the woods and met with Granny Nanny. He was then staying at home Granny Nanny. The home Sabunzu find a tajau Glass, which is a tool that has the magic of being able to see the whole earth. Using the Glass tajau Sabunzu looking for his future wife. Then he saw a pretty girl is none other than Princess Dengor Mas. Sabunzu also promised to look for the existence of such a beautiful girl.
Sabunzu eventually travel to find her hero. One day he arrived at a village. He hung out and lived with the villagers. He then friends with Tangak Onong and Tongkakng Tobu. Both of these turned out to be the niece of Princess Dengor Mas. Apparently after investigation by Sabunzu, Princess Dengor Mas hidden by a family in a place that is not known to exist by Radetn Cassava.
Once, Princess Dengor Mas family trying to take back the heads of my family whose daughter was killed by Mas Dengor Radetn Cassava. Sabunzu also participate in an attempt to attack the kingdom Radetn Cassava. Sabunzu use a boat to sail to the Cassava Radetn country. The canoe named Panyajab Lancakng Yellow. Is able to walk on his own canoe in the river without the help of any tools.

After successfully killing Radetn Cassava, Sabunzu and his men returned to the village where Princess Dengor Mas. There they were met with great fanfare. Mas Dengor daughter cried for Sabunzu. And Sabunzu he also met and embraced, they come out of the canoe while holding hands. Long story short they held marriage between Princess Dengor Sabunzu with Mas during seven days and seven nights in the village. The wedding is at once celebratory victory against Radetn Sabunzu Cassava.

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